Monday, October 30, 2017



Sorry, it has been over a year since i written for this blog. Like anyone reads this shit but i like to believe this. well here it goes. 
I will try to post once a month, Cant promise.

There have been big changes.

I no longer live in Lafayette. I live with my parents back in my childhood home. I'm starting all over again at 40 years old. Time to pay off some debt i have made. At least i don't have rent anymore. I can start over with my relationship with GOD.

I havent talked to my love-obsessed stalker or my ex-work husband in over a year. I no i made the right decision to cut them out of my life for good. I have seen D twice so far and avoided at all cost. I have been a better person. 

I had a bad breakup with a guy i thought i was going marry. I was the backup plan until his ex-slut fiance sewed her slutting oats. in the process, she broke his heart. KARMA is a bitch. Now im single and loving it. ME TIME.

Some guys I c as temptation. It how you act when faced with it. I face it and turned away from it. Im proud of my self. 

I can be gotten a car i loved. It broke down. I spend over 1800 to fix then it totally broke down. I had to suck it for 400 only bc it had new parts. Im stuck paying the credit card debt with no car to show for it. 

My 1st love AXL ROSE AND GNR old band members are on tour. Never thought that would happen. Wish i could have seen them but no DAMN money. 

Im happy to c Ryan Buell is clean and back in the paranormal world. He is getting to Ryan I no and once admired. It will take time for this, I wish hm luck.

I haven't started writing my books Dark Passions For Ever and Graveyard Shift Confessions. IDK y, Life have been getting in the way. Now no more excuses. 
I have learned not to care anymore. If u dont want to be in my life. C U. PEACE. U nowhere the door is and u can use it. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


A guy named K has been my close friend for over 10 years. How I meet him was a funny story. In the 2004 in ULL newspaper K posted ad to meet some single women for friendship. I had lost a bet with one of friends a call him. We meet somewhere on campus and talk. From what I remember is a long talk. Over the last few years we meet up when we had time. In the last few weeks he becomes love obsessed with me. It was my close friend in CA that pointed this out to. K is over 40 yrs with high intelligent that dealing with a bipolar who is still a virgin. I never saw him more than a friend. He became clingier after the death of his father. He was also doing this another woman. Who I become friends with bc of him. I have blocked him from my life. I wish him the best and hope he finally happiness he seeks. But not from me. I thank him for being there for me though some of darkest moments in life. But when he becomes one of them. When I had say good bye,

One night either in 2003 or 2004 after a hard day at ULL and work I was chilling at my fav place Mels when I met. I think meet him BC I sat down at the booth and he was sitting there already or I was IDK. D and I started talking right away. We become fast friends. Over the nx few yrs we become best friends. Something in our friendship change. IDK at 1st.  In the last three yrs our friendship came completely different. It was pointed it out to me. When I needed a job not once twice D was there for me. Vice versus. IDk if I was the one who change or he did. IDK really.  I missed what we had. I feel he treated me like shit and was cruel to me sometime. maybe i should have talk D about how i felt. But I didnt. IDK y. 
I have change this summer when I gave my life to God. I’m not the same. We grow in different paths. We both change. Maybe I should have told this him this. I didn’t which are my bad. After sometime not talking to D I follow my Ex advise. It blows up in my face. Then I realize it was truly over. I have change and so has he. I wish D the best. I hope he fined the happiness, love, success, and peace he deserves. I wish him no ill will.
Ppl change and grow apart. How we handle it that makes a difference? We face it head on. R pull like i ghost act like i did. That might have not been the right decision. at the time i thought is was. They both deserve me to tell them in person how i felt. I was told to do by some close friend. I figured it would be wasted of time and pointless. D told me THIS but I didnt want to hear it. 
Right now two another close friendship are on thin ice. I hope to handle this better. Right now im praying on.
to D and K

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Seen My 2nd STALKER on the 1st day at a new job.

I had my first day at JCPennys as a cashier. It was long day of training. During this time I run in a my ex creepy stalker neighbor (call him DM)who watched me for two years bc of my 1st stalker my ex live in boyfriend (call me M). After I prove my ex bf was stalking me for six months and detailing on online. I took legal action. Just before M was kicking out my apt by me that is when DM moved into the apt on top across the yard.
DM was creepy from the beginning. Since DM was the only guy living in my apt area M and DM become friends. When M was kick out and after he was caught stalking this is when I believe that M ask DM to keep eye on me and recorded that details. This went on for two yrs until I moved out.
A couple years later I try to move in same apt building. The person that was living in old apt was legal problems was about to kick out. I signed a lease for sex months. My old landlord tells me to stay away DM BC of certain thing. She had discovered that DM has keep detail records on for me for 2yrs and the girls living there at the time. I believe he did this to cover that he was doing for M.
I was anger that my old landlord tells me this after I signed the lease. She wasn’t concerned about my safety after everything that happen with M. luckily the person living in the apt with legal problems was able to pay the rent he owed. He was a legal right to stay in the apt. Since they didn’t have any apt to rent to me my lease was void.
These happen 10 years ago. But it has shaken me to the core. I consider D my 2nd stalker bc my 1st stalker M ask him to do it. I believe that M told DM that I was out to hurt him and maybe even kill him. This is y DM keep an eye on me. I had no legal prove of this.
I don’t experience my 3rd and 4th stalker until I start working the hotel.
Stalking is a really bad experience especially with more one person over many years. I have feared for my life once than once. During this time is when my drinking and eating disorders were at its worst. I felt it the only thing I had control over since my sense of safety was gone.

With God help and some gal friends help through me this. The last few yrs have been good. I do look over my shoulders and I’m very aware of my surrounding. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


This past month has been hard for me. Three close friends that I have known for over 10 years. When they needed me I have been there without question. But I needed them they have led me down again. I love them like family. After them giving many changes to chance but they didn’t. Ending long term friendship is like ending a long term relationship. It can be long emotional and physical draining.
During this time I have finiad problems so I’m trying to find a second job. I had a local coffee I love to go too. I work there two months but I had to leave. Now I’m looking for second job which hard without people out of work.
I decided to have long distance Christian relationship with someone I fall in with. I was happy until prank by a family ended with us. It’s a lot he said she said and no one taking responsibly. This person is not soul mate. My heart broken and it will time heal.
One person I thought was closed friend I told them about what going in my life. They could have care less.  This person doesn’t know how I feel. If I tried to talk they don’t want to hear. I will ending this friendship soon when it time is right I will have to take it slow and then pull ghost act. I seriously doubt this person care or even notice bc I just joke to them.
I have self discovery this past month. By taking a good look at myself I saw things I didn’t like what I saw.  I have keeping friendship that has been one side. It has been a roller coaster of emotions inside me.

With God help I have seen what life can be like without certain people I can see peace. I really for a new chapter in my life which is about me. 

Sunday, September 27, 2015


Two days ago was my 38th bday where has the yrs gone. 20 yrs ago I was 18yr old junior high school with a different outlook on how my life would like look now. I realized talking to my two closed friend who have known for yrs. That are many things in my past that I haven’t got over it. It has effect me by darkening my soul. With God help and Love I realize I can’t change the past, can’t let it affect my future happiness and peace, accept it, deal it, and get over it.
Only two of best friends who I consider FAMILY knew this about me. CONFESSION IS GOOD FOR SOUL. IDK care who knows it. THE DEVIL CAN’T HAVE POWER OVER ME AND CONTROL ME WITH IT.
1)   From high school to my early 30s. I suffered from really bad eating disorder called Bulimia. It would on when things got really got bad.  The pressure from college, three bad relationships, car accidents (the one that nearly killed me), three bad stalking problems, my 1st haunting experience, and pregnancy scare cause me some really BAD pain.
2)     From high school and until recently, I have a drinking problem. I would able stop period of time when my life was calm and peaceful. I know it’s no excuse. It got bad when relationship ended and turned into my 1st experience stalking experience. I still don’t know I manage to graduate from ULL the 1st in December 2004.
3)     When the relationship with Josh ended in April 2001 I suffered an emotional breakdown. I really don’t how I passed that semester at UL and even summer school. I shutdown completely.  It was my 1st car accident that nearly killed me in July 2001 that snapped me out it. I realize I was still alive but not living my life at the time. I was in GREAT PAIN physically but my heart and mind had shut off emotional pain.
4)     When I was younger I tried to commit suicide. When I got older I had suicidal thought when my two relationships turned badly and one turned into stalking problems.
5)     I am afraid to touch any man including the men I loved with in sexually physical in any way unless I have been drinking a lot. I told them it was of my weight problem and I didn’t like way my body was. It’s not true. When I was a teenage a close friend was rape badly. I believe they blame themselves. I was there with them though the whole thing and help them. It’s had a bad effect on me and every relationship I had on a sexual level.
6)     In the three relationships with the guys I was in love them. I wouldn’t let them touch me not even for a hug for months. One told if he tried to touch, shake, or even hug me I would jump out of skin like I was scared he would hurt me. He realized I didn’t it without knowing it. I would let close guy friends hug me without jumping. It was only if I was in relationship them. When I was teenager a close friend was in abusive relationship that lasted for yrs. I’d witnessed the hitting and fighting.  I tried to help them to get out for a long time with no results. They did love each other. This affected for years to come.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Dream Vision Quest of Past Loves to My Soul Mate

lately I have question if I really have soul mate that God has chosen for me. I have to pray to God to keep safe until we are to meet. I still had baggage from my past relationships from guys I have truly love or meant something to me.
Tonight I had a Dream vision quest where I travel back in time to relook at past loves and guys that meant something to me somehow. I didn’t realize that I had things that happen that I really didn’t get over.
In this dream quest I walk through the past seeing this guys in the distance where we first meet. I was narrating to myself through this whole progress like in the third person. I would be standing in the distance watching it unfold.
I was reliving things that I had forgotten by my subconscious didn’t.  Things that I happen with these past love the affected me more than I’d realized. Once these painful truths can to light, I accepted them.
Once I did, I got over them. I felt this true peace come over that I haven’t felt in a long time. I also told a guy that is all wrong for me that I had feeling for him. In this dream quest that feeling I have for a certain guy is just a crush and I need to kick him out of life for good.
 I was surprised that two certain guys weren’t in my dreams but they didn’t a mean a thing to me. The guy I lost my virginity at very long age which I regret. The guy that drove me crazy and turned into my stalker for months for also 10 years ago, I realized I’d never love these guys. They were really big mistake in my life that I have got over completely already.
Every guy I truly loved wasn’t the LOVE of my life. They had a trait that I really like that my soul male has.  This dream quest helps me get over past hurts. It showed me what I have to look forward to when God finally lets me meet my soul mate.
I know it be I love that I never experience before and it’s worth waiting for. The love I have God and his son Jesus Christ is great itself. Until then I will live my life with God Help. I focus on school, writing my books, getting healthy but losing weight, getting a new job, and living my life.
For the 1st time in a long time I have found peace in my heart and mind. Happiness is real and now I know it is. My life is in God hands. My journey has just began and I cant for it. 
It also help to release all the pain i had in my life. The anger i had that made me A BITCH is not there anymore. I had anger within me so great that I would threaten to kill someone i would mean it. 
I find the inner peace u get when completely give your life to GOD. I cant say Im not anymore bc it a trait i got from my mom. I believe i have completely change. My closest friends may disagree with me. I may have them wrong. LOL. I love to say Im a new person. I just have to show. They not believe me at first. In time they will c it. :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


In the last few months I have change jobs. At my old job one of the managers had told me I was faking being stupid. I have been in the pizza industry for over three years and you have been in three months. I’m not sorry that I know more than you and can’t be manager because of my right wrist. The woman that trained me was a good boss and trained me well. Of course he didn’t like that. Before I didn’t I did anything that would put me in jail and walk away without notice. Thanks to a guy friend help me get another job which he ends up leaving months later. 
Best part Karma is a BITCH. This manager that told I was faking being stupid ending up for the same woman that he said didn’t train me well. I know she had heard that reason I left. He works another now. 
My right is totally messed up from slapping out pizza down and carrying heavy pizza down the wrong way. I have stage three carpal tunnel syndromes. Its require operation which I don’t have the money right now. I have to wear a hand brace when I work.
Then my left angle Plantar Fasciitis which I can’t ever get it. to stand for hours at work i have special made 
Shoes with in shoe inserts that that help ease the pain along with two braces. 
Now I also have to wear a brace on my right ankle to help not to put too much
Pressure on it. I have to take many over counter pain meds just to deal with the pain
Of my weight doesn’t help anyway. I will stop drinking soda, eating healthy, and going to the gym.

Everything was ok at this job. Until recently allot has happen. The guy I love very much but can’t be with left to go somewhere. I keep messing up at work a lot that I thought I was going to lose my job to the new boss because of stupid thing I was doing and l knew better. I’m getting better by watching what I’m doing. 
Then there a someone claimed harassment that cause lot problems which I was middle of it. I ask to switch locations and was denied. This made me really angry and this person become died to me. A ghost that haunted the workplace. When I didn’t talk to this person they would get mad.
Then something else happen. Someone at work approach me about having sex with them. I was tempted to take them up on it. I went through this before. I will not again. After all the problems with similar situation as before. I choose not to say anything BC I don’t want to get this person in trouble. It my personal choice. I’m looking for new job. With all the bull shit I’m at point I don’t care anymore and IM DONE.

I also end a relationship that i had high hopes for. It didnt work work out the way i wanted. 

I also have been questioning some long term friendships that I believe that I have turned toxic. I thought they were my bffs for life. Because of certain things that in my life they have shown their certain colors. 
One guy friend who view on the world as completely insane. He needs to help and get a life. Sometimes I don’t tell him certain things by I don’t won’t hear his bullshit. 
One friend who need get life of their own. I don’t tell them certain things idk y. They need to start living their live first before getting one
Another guy friend hasn’t been there and given advice I thought that I needed to hear. It’s all about him.

I also did alot drinking and even smoking again. I did some things that Im not proud at put me at risk. I even i scared of my life. Everything is good. This made me realize how that life is precious. I have a BFF that has been in my shoes. She is now my voice reason and holding my accountable for my actions. I thank god for her every day.

I’m know I’m BITCH SELF CENTERED SPOILED PRINCESS (MY PARENTS FAULT LOL). It’s all about ME. This year has been hard.
I’m thankful for my freedom, health, family, and friends. I recently got close to God again. 
I’m currently getting my masters and PhD. I’m also will be finishing my two books which I hope in print within a year. I will become more involve paranormal too. Maybe even find the soul mate that god had chosen for me. Until then I will focus on me. When I do find him I would like Dugger style courtship. 

I have been doing a lot of praying lately which has been helping. Things are good right now. I really do love my life. :)